The public says…

Posted on August 3, 2016


I’ve had several conversations with “the general public” and… they are discerning that it’s not just “the budget” that is causing problems here at the college… that actions of the “leadership” are driving good people out, quickly.

My app’s “pre-launch report”is … still in progress!   I’m wondering if my app is so small that the automatic stuff was over so fast and had so many “zeroes” that it didn’t register as being finished.   I’ve filled out the tedious form necessary for a “real email” to … whatever or whomever you email to at the “android developer” site.

Today:   more adventures in Canvas, but I also need to be making those powerpoints. The puppy who’s my star in the pictures is sick right now, so sending good thoughts… time to make up word problems…

Penultimate day of classes in summer school, and the accompanying tension and drama… most should work out favorably.