Royal Bunbites

Posted on August 2, 2016


It is officially a royal bunbite trying to figure out which of the assorted hallways in Canvas  Learning Management System will have what I”m looking for.   There’s “learn” where you *take* courses, “instructure” where you make them, “community” — totally separate, and you can’t get there easily from instructure — where you can learn how to make the courses, and “commons” where you can find courses people are sharing (including courses on how to use Canvas) , not as if you can actually see anything in them because they’re some weird kind of cartridge file, so the *course* about learning how to make courses isn’t actually available.

… but I *know* this is pretty much how math looks and feels to students.

I also know this is like navigating a complex downtown and once you have driven around it, you forget how you figured it out (erm, like reading and math :)) and you just go where you want to go and have fun with the amazing shortcuts and scenery.


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