Desmos thoughts

Posted on August 2, 2016


There’s this cool-looking thing called Desmos that … well, I don’t really know what it does.   THe page has all these cool pictures of graphs of exotic displays of data.

That’s nice.   The MTBoS  (Math Twitter Blog-O-Sphere)  raves about it pretty much daily.   Whenever I visit, though, it seems to be a really nice place to do fun things iwth graphs.

My students do very little with graphs. Many of them struggle with the basic concept that two coordinates — TWO NUMBERS!!! — stand for … ONE POINT.

Could be that tucked into it are awesome opportunities to make that connection but… it’s part of the Internet Buffet I won’t be piling on my plate just now 😉

Time to get out my utensils and start digging into the stuff that is.   Yesterday was wall-to-wall student help, a handy reminder to me to schedule some non-student time for fall semester.   (Also some evidence that low on radar is the way to go around here.   It’s *not* just the economy, stupid. )

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