Posted on August 1, 2016


Update:   No.   Actually.   You can “be a tester” but … it won’t let you download the app.  Whatever.

Another update:   no, second click through it worked.   ???  Whatever!!!

So, since oh, Saturday afternoon I’ve been told that my “pre-launch report” will be sent to me … “shortly.”

A little surfing and I discern this thing only started in May and it’s August 1 2016 right now so… it’s barely launched, itself.   I’d hoped to be able to see that report so I could send out the link to the app in the store and be able to say Android said it wouldn’t do bad things… but … doesn’t look like that will happen.

You can “opt in” to test it, though — I hope this works… — at …

I only hope that I’m not in conflict with a Google algorithm, in which case it’ll be like my blog experience — I’m only on WordPress because Google’s algorithm deemed by blogs spam and none of the things they said about fixing that were valid. Hey, at least it meant I lowered expectations for Google early on…

.    Sigh, and my student still thinks negative plus negative is positive, because he drops in once a week to look at math and his mother can help him with math because she has a degree in it.  *If* a person could get him to, say, look at an app (which actually he has on his tablet from just downloading it) regularly, that might help fix the misconception?   Would love to roll that out on some people… make it a competition — say “you guys get the app, and you guys don’t.  We’ll see who remembers better in a week.”   And if everybody remembers better, everybody wins.  If not, everybody gets the app.   (Adn if nobody remembers… try somethign else…)




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