Posted on July 31, 2016


So, I signed up for it already … and a huge piece of ickiness in math is … having to wade through “how to enter complicated stuff” before you even get to anything.

I might recommend to students that they skip it.   I’m looking at the “PreAlgebra” course which, by the way, gets only a 2 in openness b/c it’s an uneditable PDF.

Also, it links to videos which are, simply, not open — and not intended to be.   THe MathIsPower4U videos are “Standard You TUbe” license and I”m pretty sure he’s on my list of people I emailed about open who weren’t interested.

It’s good as far as including things like number lines to show what addition is.   I just want to go three steps better 🙂     I’m also wondering about accessibility…yea, the automatic captioning is the typical erm, no, it’s really not very good.   “Actually” is “Ashley…”

(Oh, and the entire all of them lumen team is white.  Women well represented.)

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