Herding Cats

Posted on July 31, 2016


Actually I’m pretty good at that…  better than I am at nailing down possibilities long enough to turn them into realities.

My “manipulate integers with your fingers” app is “published!”   as Beta — but it seems you have to be in google, and I don’t know how far, to actually test it at https://play.google.com/apps/testing/net.resourceroom.auntjamesintegers  .   I had hoped to be able to send people a link that, because it’s in GOogle Play, would have ’em willing to give it a whirl with a few clicks.

The next grand “thing I’ve gotten me into” is trying to figure out … Canvas the Learning Managemetn System (not Canvas on HTML5, I don’t think…).  https://www.canvas.net/browse/designersforlearning/courses/instructional-design-service-2   is the course I’m enrolled in … and I’m doing the “extra credit” part where we infuse an adult ed lesson into Canvas.    Hey, the talk of doing that at the college has been talk for … the usual it’s never going to happen in reality… so it’s time to take this bull by the horns (and do you get *on* the bull, or try to throw it around, or stare into its eyes until it submits because you’re between its horns so they can’t get you?   Just because I’m distractible doesn’t mean I


Given the constant complications that working with SOmebody Else’s Platform provides… still, if I can have another example of ‘build the concepts from concrete to symbolic” instead of “procedures manipulating symbols”…

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