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Posted on July 31, 2016


there’s your mangled metaphor… hope it’s not apt. I”m going to test out being in the “https://canvas.instructure.com/courses/1048084”  course:   contributing to canvas commons.   I’ve spent very little time exploring Canvas up ’til now.

I’ve joined several communities:   Open Education (78 members), Instructional Design (about 1700), Math on Canvas (123 members) and Accessibility (191).


Summary:   Be sure to go to “getting started” — NOT the general “instructor guides,” which as “Introduction” at the beginning but … isn’t “getting started.

At least I hope getting started is better…

Long version:

Be notified:   For me, this is the SUCKY part.   I will be ranting.   I have no earthly idea whether my experiences are anything like  a typical user would have ’cause… I”m not typical.

It seems people are all over marking things ‘helpful” which I think will work like Stack Overflow and get a person points and ‘reputation.’

I’m visiting Canvas Guides.   First guide is about the canvas guides 🙂

I’m spoiled by YOuTUbe and Lynda.com — where I   can    speed      things     up      when   they    are    too    slow.   THat first one included some stuff that I just didn’t get — telling me that if I wanted to embed videos they had to be of this.that.theOther — so I guess if I answer a question that’s what they’re talking about, but it wasn’t clear.  (THeme:   use the movies!   use the movies!   which makes sense…)

Yup, I”m already shrugging my shoulders and thinking, “WHATEVER!”   as I look at … oh, I figured it out.   LOUSY DESIGN:    First category is “INtroduction” — and after that it *seems*  it’s an alphabetical order dump.   And the “introduction?”  Lesson 1:   how to sign up.   Makes sense.  I”m with you.   Lesson 2:   How does Canvas work w/ face to face?   Also veyr basic; I’m with you.   Lesson 3:   list of canvas terminology.  Yes!   I”ll refer to this.

Lesson four:   How do I embed a lesson inside a Canvas Course?   THe answer :   incomprehensible.   To wit:

“The existing community (guides.canvaslms.com) doesn’t allow embedding.


Content is available for embedding at guides.instructure.com; however, this site will be discontinued at a future date. For referencing content, consider linking lessons from the community into your course content.”

I’m not going to waste my time explaining how confusing and useless that is.   By the way, “embed” is not included in the glossary.   I’m supposed to know what you mean by “existing community” ???   THe “community” doesn’t allow embedding??? The link after “community” is … the LOOP BACK to the home page of the GUIDES.

Sue’s design hint:   If it’s an alphabetical conglomeration, don’t throw “Introduction” at the beginning which … pardon me… implies that it’s the beginning of a sensibly sequenced process.

Now, I do see “Getting started with Canvas ” back on that page so… let’s try that.

SYNCHED.   SYNCHED.   I will not spell it synced which would be pronounced sinst  and is morphemically truncated.

… OKay… Guess I am going to assume that I will be developing my own course.


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