wine and blog :)

Posted on July 29, 2016


I sipped wine and skimmed the last 5 years of blogging. Alas, it didn’t really help with my “what was I doing, when?”  as much as I’d hoped.   I did find the elusive video of “counting stick multiplication” per  (I hadn’t been able to find it from memory).

… and oh, my, I miss taking animation and Java.   Might reconsider my decision not to do the “interactive web stuff”course.  Since I can’t sign up ’til it starts anyway I get to waffle all I want 🙂

Yesterday was a two-webinar day… one w/ 105 people about “rebooting” tech for adult ed that I forgot about ’til it was half over, and was mostly about getting internet connections to people.   Then I dropped in at the Lumen Learning ‘open course’ webinar — they’re doing them a few million times — and I was half of the audience… and that’s when three students came in to get registered, including one With COmplications. .. and I had my 098 algebra person in their trying to finish up the “all the rules for roots and powers” ALEKS pie pieces.

I’ll watch some videos and learn a little more — basically they’re organizing things into courses built with curated OER.   It seems an awesome idea for those “cut and dried gen ed” kinds of courses — the ‘everybody should know the basics of economics’ stuff.   We chatted some about how an OER course has the kind of flexibility that can work well for adult ed.

Penultimate Friday off 🙂  time for a ride…



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