Wide open?

Posted on July 26, 2016


BrightSpace / D2L did a showing of their conference ‘keynote’ and … I was spared the cringeworthy “camp” theme of Canvas LEarning with coonskin hat.   The talk itself was not so interesting and the movie re-started at one point, and then it cut off before it was over (so prob’ly it was set to turn off after N minutes).    They, too, are getting into the badges thing and how to get the humans ENGAGED in stuff.  They *have* a “game based learning service” where they’ll help you create story boards and they show screens with people (digital ones) with dialogue boxes on their heads… oh, dear, a little bit like my scenario of my ‘graphic novel of word problems’ 🙂  !   Sweet 🙂   I can even create my own job:   doing that for remedial…

This has me wondering:   is there a model ‘out there’ for an “open” course where you’re just signing up to Get Some Skills?   Now, I could imagine a travesty where all the course *was* was … badges and encouragement. Can we say:  Khan Academy???

Now, when I posted that to twitter… @d2l and @canvas lms… I heard back from D2L.   Considering posting to the school librarians’ group…

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