Posted on July 20, 2016


We need a blizzard… oops, we’re under a “heat dome” for the next days.   Reading people’s well-linked reflections on “Twitter Math Camp” could take a few days.   Oops, I really need to get the app rolling — I’ve got people who like it, and it needs the subtraction included, and I need to make that graphic and get it up on Google Play Store. While I’m at it, I am on video 4 of “Parts and Wholes Math for Transportation, Distribution and Logistics Careers.”

Oh, and DESMOS!!!   I want to explore Desmos… except… I’m not a teacher, so I’m not sure how I’d use it.

… and I haven’t even checked my “to do right now” list, upon which I inscribed yesterday’s inspiration for FSI2017, which would be “making multisensory lessons in your LEarning Management System.”

Oh, and of course there are students who need help.   One of ’em announced that she’s going back home 😦   tears 😦   and I ****hope**** that it really was already decided.   I’m awful at “reading” past what is sometimes a “talk me out of it!!!” but the student said she’d already talked to her teacher so… making note to myself to first respond something like, “So it looks like that’s what you have to do?”

… oh, and the keynote for Canvas Learning will be at 1:30 livestreamed, where our Adult  Ed MOOC will be mentioned.

… occurs to me that people are so into “what’s this thing I can do with technology” that a person could just *start* with “how to do it” and weave in the why.

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