Twitter or not?

Posted on July 14, 2016


I wonder if it’s a rule of etiquette that if a person has >N followers on Twitter, that you’re not supposed to reply to their tweets as a general rule.

I don’t see people responding — which if it’s an “Illinois News” thing kinda makes sense, but sometimes it’s strong opinions.

Forgot Flash Drive (I still haven’t worked out file management for this monster at all, except for “Make tons of copies of everything” which means that not having the pink flash drive doesn’t matter, but I never really know if I’m on the most recent version of something).   So… it’s time to make “the drill part” anyway.

My favorite math tutorial program, Modumath, just says “you have to learn this on your own.”   Well, it was done in 2000.   So… time to do this …

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