Pokemon Go?

Posted on July 12, 2016


“Everybody” is talking about Pokemon Go.   This easily-distracted-to-the-point-of-‘addiction’ soul is going to watch from the sidelines.  I was glad I knew about it, though, because the mom with stroller and 9 year old kiddo in the middle of the school parking lot looking at phone, walking, and then saying, “I GOT IT!” would have… made no sense.

I went back and looked at the quizzes I made last year for “parts and wholes.”   I’m thinking about what triggers that addiction to FINDING THE THING.   (Drat.  Left Nir Eyal’s _Hooked_ at home, I think.)   Starts with “onboarding,” making it easy to get in… bottom line being that no, I can’t rely on “well, they should want to understand it, so they’ll take the time to work through things,” at least not on the first nibbles. Then there’s the social element, which is a little elusive when it comes to … math… So the challenge is to make these quizzes quick and visual, like Bejeweled Blitz… but slide in those number concepts and the symbols for them, too.

… but whereas I recognize that it doesn’t get done at all efficiently w/ the INTERNET in the mix, it’s over to Powerpoint!


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