Pot calling kettle burnt

Posted on July 2, 2016


Yesterday I put water on to boil, noted that while I wasn’t really hungry I should eat, and took a nap.

Then mucked at computer and noted air conditioning went on and the high temp of the day was supposed to be 78 and… that’s what my a.c. is set on so… it shouldn’t have triggered.

Then went to kitchen to get ready to shop…  and turned off the stove. Then got my stuff together and shopped .   The little inserts on the pot must have a lower melting point, forsooth:

Sigh, I got these nice pots from the side of the road where somebody’d donated them because one of them … had either broken or … been burnt like I just did 😉

At any rate, it was hot enough to steam up when I put water on things, even after I got back, though it didn’t boil everything off.   (I figured it was a “damage done” situation, not a “cool it down!” situation, and … the lid to that pot is glass, and I’d rather not test its temper.   Besides, no kids around to make it into a science demo.)

Still to be determined:   whether the stains around it will come off.   The water in question had a little Stuff from Last Night’s Noodles in it… which boiled off and cooked brown…

And I had pretty much followed my personal rule about not going into the office w/ somehting on the stove.   I hadn’t made a rule for after 45 miles on the bikes when one might be prone for horizontality …

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