Back from the roads :)

Posted on June 19, 2016


Can’t say I was tech-free because I used Google Maps left, right and sideways all week getting places on the GITAP bicycle tour.  Those limefuel batteries are wonderful for  being sure I had enough juice to (wo)man the phones.   I think I want to get some short short cables and tape them to the thing, tho’ I did always manage to find one when needed.

And now seven more weeks of “official summer school,” with FRIDAYS OFF.   Think I’m going to dedicate N hours/ week to Developing Adult Ed Math LEssons per the “work force” parameters.    has outline and links… but that’s tomorrow, at work (but now I know where to go for the page w/0 going thru emails, etc. )

Listening to “week in review” for our state and … it’s gotten to where our government people *want* things to go badly so that none of their enemies can take credit for something going right.   Can we say the people of this state are being used?

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