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Posted on June 5, 2016


Twitter feed led me to this:     (Why don’t teachers engage with research?)

Yes, as the original tweeter said, the dx is spot on.   No, it’s not just lack of time & support.   Engaging with research as things stand now is mostly a waste of time.

Still, I love being able to dive into our database and read what’s going on — but my schedule is not that of a K-12 teacher (and a little hyperlexia helps, too).

SIgh, this has been a weekend of bicycle things… going to **try** to attack that math app at least to keep my head in the Java.   WOuld like to be able to muck with it on the trip… hmmm… load Android Studio onto a flash drive, maybe, to run it off my itty bitty transformer that can run off a USB charger?

And I’m bummed and jealous as David Wees tweets about “Feeling a bit star struck. In a room constructing our plans for Algebra for All with Cathy Fosnot, Ann Shannon, Phil Daro, Uri Treisman..”   dude, how does a person get to be a fly on that wall… a talking fly… b/c I want your “all” to be a bit more inclusive than you might be ready for but I’ve seen it happen…

but time to do the necessary stuff of the week.

Oh, must update — #MTBOS posted a response to that disagreeing w/ much of it, they say.   Well, they disagree that ed research is lousy.  Sigh.   I guess if you haven’t read scientific research you wouldn’t understand what it’s like to read something that made sense.   I’m not talking about the difference between stuff where it’s a lot easier to ferret out one variable to test.   I’m talking about the truly awful stuff that called itself reading research and things about learnign disabilities that made up terms and sort of defined them somewhere in the middle… the ‘research’ that said “we knew decoding wasn’t the problem” without even hinting at how they knew (or saying “we asked the students” because everybody knows students are great self-assessors, NOT…)

I’m talking about “this could work for as many as half of the remedial students” and not mentioning that … well, that’s really not a strong support…

But… now it’s *really* time to get stuff off the todo list.

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