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About that article

June 30, 2016


Just a brief AARGH! while I’m waiting for some files to transfer. Reading that book about making math accessible to all and seeing their standard issue disdain for “ability grouping.” Duly note, people, that the phrase “ability grouping” embraces a fixed mindset.   As soon as you’re assuming that if I discern that Felicity has […]

pure, applied ingredients: but what’s the recipe?

June 29, 2016

0   is the article, which I thought I’d already seen but since its date is two days ago, I guess not 🙂 What’s cooler?   Three minutes w/ our librarian on the “chat” option on the site and I’ve got the original article it’s based on.   Oops, book. 224 pages.  (It was a long […]


June 28, 2016


Decimation is literally losing 1 in 10 people;   if I remember correctly it was a strategy used for discipline in somebody’s army.   The 90% remaining would buck up and behave, in abject fear. Most usages these days involve losing more than 10%, but I’m thinking our current college situation is similar.    […]

“What students see” must share :)

June 22, 2016


So I clicked on “share” and it is letting me share it on my blog!  Whoopee 🙂    No wonder algebra is so hard. via What Students See When They Look at Algebra — Math with Bad Drawings

Back from the roads :)

June 19, 2016


Can’t say I was tech-free because I used Google Maps left, right and sideways all week getting places on the GITAP bicycle tour.  Those limefuel batteries are wonderful for  being sure I had enough juice to (wo)man the phones.   I think I want to get some short short cables and tape them to the […]

Then there’s this contrast

June 8, 2016

4  Okay, not going to blather endlessly about it but … this program, which at least has tons of visual stuff, notes that the results are “mixed,” and about what they can’t claim (cause-effect relationship).

Mathia X Review

June 8, 2016


(Note/update:   The folks at Carnegie have done some revisions and said they’d contact me, confident they could convince me that things are ‘not just practice.’  That was November and despite another nudge or two, no contact, no convincing… I really am convinceable but it requires more than “but the test scores went up!” ) I […]

Why leave the visuals behind?

June 6, 2016


On my twitter feed, Steve Wyborney posted an awesome little graphic which I am stealing and posting below:  He asks that if somebody uses it in K-2, to “take a pic of your board and send my way!” Then there’s the awesome Donna Boucher who has all kinds of resources on her site for making […]

Research and teachers

June 5, 2016


Twitter feed led me to this:     (Why don’t teachers engage with research?) Yes, as the original tweeter said, the dx is spot on.   No, it’s not just lack of time & support.   Engaging with research as things stand now is mostly a waste of time. Still, I love being able to dive […]