Rabbit holes

Posted on May 30, 2016


An entirely too-long blurb yesterday morning on Weekend Edition was about a “rabbit hole” — the thing that happens when you get online and click from one thing to the next.      I’ve had some awesome opportunities come up from going down rabbit holes… but they’ve reached a critical mass where I need to set rules — oh, and then follow them.

Everything adult ed in Illinois is now CAREER TRACK.  One of the “career tracks” that I’ve offered to work with is “Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics.”   It’s got some nifty math exercises that are very “real world.”   I assume it’s to prep for the GED, which would be why some of the exercises aren’t *quite* “real,” and frankly, all of ’em are ones you’d get a calculator out to figure out unless the numbers were simple. (How many total miles for this week?)

Among the “oh, that looks a tad arbitrary” are calculating your miles for days 1 & 2 and expressing that as a fraction of the total week’s miles, and reducing that fraction.  Next students do essentially the same w/ decimals.

The “missing thing” is how to do the math, and how to figure out what to do… and I want to see what’s already out there.

I love the divisibility exercise on Khan Academy that lets you take an array of N dots and shift the size of the rows, so that the array shifts.   You can see when it “comes out even” — when N is divisible by your number.

So I wondered if I could find the code for that, since Khan Academy is supposed to be all open.   That led me to “Ben Eater” being the designer and … down a rabbit hole 😉    I should probably be glad that I hit a plug in the hole because he’s got all kinds of things on “Trello” — whatever that is! — from before they made the switch from whatever they were using to Perseus, whatever that is.

and in the meantime, an app that I need to put in the Google Play Store.   The tutorial says I need screenshots and happily StackOverflow explains how to do that from emulator… my phone isn’t new enough to run my thing. No, I’m not buying another phone yet (well, except I should for the bike tour upcoming).  I also need several graphics that I have only “prototype-level” completed.   No, I don’t have a proper logo.   Home for Battered Algebra Students has too many words, and my blue and red +/- is probably too specific, tho’ I’ll ponder that.


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