a mystery solved – no, 2 of ’em!

Posted on May 29, 2016


So, I remembered from my brother’s grade school report on Pythagoras that root two being irrational might not have been  derived from  “can’t make ratio” (irr – not… rational — ratio), but that the little society fervently believed the deities made a beautiful universe that could always be reduced to integer ratios, and so since that wasn’t true of root two, this made them mad and they kicked Pythagoras out of the society adn so Pythagoras started sharing the knowledge which would otherwise have been secret.

Well, according to this movie (almost certainly more reliable than my childhood memory of a sibling’s report ;)) it wasn’t Pythagoras who got in trouble, it was Hippasus (and this doesn’t say anything about secrecy of the society).

So!  Now I at least know the name to look up to get more to the story… *and* this video describes the proof by contradiction that root two could possibly be a nice integer ratio with pretty basic algebra.   Sweet!


tl/dr:   don’t know how to find collaborators/ sharers for app development.

Well, first, I’ve decided that “F-Droid” … okay, I haven’t yet.  Its microblog’s most recent post is 3 years old.   Still, forum posts are fresh — hours old.  HOwever, I don’t understand a word they say.

Where are the other educator types who are trying to do things like make android apps… with actual Java?   Are they out there all using Scratch or one of the other packages? Or are they putting things on GOogle Play?  Okay, I’ll work on the app and the “parts and wholes for truck drivers” lesson for a spell and then reward myself with exploring that rabbit hole on the INternet…