More doing, less talking

Posted on May 27, 2016


That is on a post-it note in the new office, so it wasn’t *just* my excuse for my sloppy poster.

I’m halfway through polishing up the Cheezits lesson I put onto said poster to fill out the gaps so that, hopefully, an adult ed instructor who wasn’t a seasoned math teacher could plan and execute it happily.

I just submitted my two quick videos about memorizing vertex and quadratic formulae to OER COMMONS and got notification that they’re being “reviewed.”   (quadratic formula) and  (vertex) respectively…

… and being moderately successful at staying focused by reminding myself that the instant a student walks in, I will be getting nothing done.   It’s *very* similar to imminent deadlines in the psychology.

So!   Back to creating the online support for our actual TRN course.   Off we go!  (I’ve pretty much abandoned the EdEx “game design” course, tho’ if I get to a “too frustrated to make progress” point I’ll let it distract me.  So far it’s been too much ‘game design’ aimed at … gamer-types.   They have totally different needs/expectations than my students.)

… update… oops.   THought more about what my To Do list meant and remembered That OTher Project I said I’d help with.  Oy.   Off to it!

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