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Posted on May 25, 2016


I intended to have a pure ‘symbol imagery’ video for memorizing the quadratic formula, using the “snatch a piece of it away so you only have to learn one piece at a time” strategy (tonight’s ride — think of a cute name for that).

I failed at doing it for the vertex — I just *had* to have a picture of where the vertex was at the beginning.

So I’ve failed on this, too.   I insist on having a few seconds where I show you where the vertex is… then that you add “the messy part” to get to the bigger solution, and you subtract “the messy part” to get to the small one.

It’s all Student S’s fault.   Working with him reminded me of the significant power that a visual anchor can have on a  concept.

And I’m being reminded of the basics of GIMP…

I peeked at Jose Vasquez’ course… and couldn’t resist peeking at his scores.   “Easy A!”   was the most common comment… with several people saying they learned less for it…  made me wonder why somebody who put lots of time into creating course materials and figuring out active learning, etc. would do that, until my cynical side said, “athletes.”   Interesting speculation…I requested “instructor access” to the course to see the cute videos…

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