Posted on May 24, 2016


It’s not as bad as the other services being slashed into nonexistence, but cutting FSI2016 to 6 hours is not a good thing.

Opening “session” was a little talk over lunch from Jose Gonzalez, who teaches econ at the U and… has done *exactly* what I want to do with math, to econ.   He gave an example of an “opportunity loss” problem which, a year after taking econ, 7% of students could answer correctly;   of people who never ever took an econ course, 17% answered correctly.

It was (based what I remember helping people figure out the problem) just like the Placement TEst “trick” questions that ask, say, “what is the least common multiple of 3 and 9” … and because there *is* a common factor, people say “3.”   The opportunity loss was for doing the thing that was *free* — but most people who’d had a course would have been tempted to Apply The Formula Like You Usually Do.

So, his solution is to make videos … oh, and he collected data on who did what in his courses… and … I’ll write more when I’ve been to see the slides.

The other awesome cool thing about this little thing was that since all the slides are online, almost NO HANDOUTS.   So many trees saved!!!

The one downside was in the otherwise cool session on infographics, where we learned 2 cool free things that help a non photoshop person make cool icons.   The sample exercise was revising a syllabus.  Well, first, the internet was too slow to do it, thank you… (note to self:   remember, don’t have everybody in a session go online.   It doesn’t work.)   but second, syllabi are legal documents.   I asked about accessibility and ADA requirements and … they had not thought about that.  They had no idea.   Dudes, you cannot turn your syllabus into an image, export it and say “what fun!!”   *Somebody* is going to have to make a version of it that a few more people can actually get meaning from…

The idea that anybody making a syllabi, much less somebody telling other people how to do it, who doesn’t know what accessibility is… is a sadness.   Made me glad I’d asked it… and that I had stuck UDL on my poster.   Which I shall henceforth organize into a web presence.

Off to the sipyard!

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