app of doom and all that

Posted on May 21, 2016


I was thinking (with evidence)  that people would be reticent to download my app from its “unknown source.”  I know I would be…

So I went to the tutorial for having at the Google store.   Oh, I need to give Google 25 bucks to be “a developer.”

That’s before I even read the terms of service, dudes.

Now, the “F-droid” people did reply to my post at their discussion of sending them apps… the standard issue “we’re a small group of volunteers” (hidden message:  and we have to take what we get)… so I shall give another endeavor at doing it that way before I throw money at The Big Corporate GoogolMonster, and hope that Being Able To Get It From A Store (even tho’ since it’s not Google, you still have to act like it’s “unknown” and change security settings) will inspire.

No, I won’t have that done by the conference poster session Tuesday, but I shall endeavor to have my tablet there.   There are only four poster presenters — and one of the others is Lori across the hall from me!   I wonder what’s up with that.  I assume they told most of the people they’d have accepted presentations from but didn’t (because Illinois is a cess pool and the government doesn’t pay its bills so the 3 day conference is half a day and that’s only because they’d already fronted money for that) that they coudl do a poster session.

Did the people not read the part about “no, we don’t expect you to just hang around your poster?”   Or are people Just NOt GOing to the thing (whcih actually has some awesome sessions in the half day, including “brainstorming about how to do this conference without state funding!”) ?  Or, “not going to pretend”?

At any rate, I’m going to attempt to carve up the box my ladder came in to be my “poster board,” after I Google for DIY posterboard 🙂 … because if your thingy is about open educational resources and DIY math it makes sense to have a ductape special 🙂 … and have at it.

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