amusing muse thing?

Posted on May 17, 2016


I was moderately discombobulated today.   Poster session is NEXT TUESDAY & w/ only 4 poster presenters (one other from here), I figure it’ll actually get seen (tho’ who knows who will be at the truncated 1/2 day version of normally 3-day conference, thanks incompetent government that won’t pay its bills).

Oh, and students were there.

Oh and we need to figure out the Kurzweil stuff.

Oh, and I need to do the adult ed lesson for the service MOOC.

Oh, and I need to find stuff and make something marvelous for *our* adult ed workforce initiative modules for Delivery, somthing and Logistics.

But yesterday’s “quadratic formula is etched upon my brain” has seized me, the same way my soft tires and hard aluminum bike frame seized me when I wrote the “Carbon Fiber Blues.”   An interactive lesson is writing itself.

Fortunately, learning the *(& formula w/ some Special Strategies, and having a side lesson on “what are A, B and C anyway???”   and “what’s a square anyway?”   can go on the poster,  and can be applied to the adult ed thing.  2 out of 4 ain’t bad, and it’s the poster thing that’s in my face most…

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