Posted on May 16, 2016


Quiet day — saw three or four students… oh, and talked to “the press” for an hour or so.   Dangnab it, they’re going to do the photoshoot of my commute Wednesday — when I shall also be riding the Bronze Trek.   I’d hoped to get that Xtra in on a picture or two.   I can always change my mind about which bike belongs on the Ride of Silence…

… and I got back into the Service MOOC, and evaluated a lesson that seems awesome, about the Flint Michigan water crisis.  if you’re interested 🙂

Tomorrow I shall endeavor to finalize my lesson, and then to “translate” it over to … hmmm… my website, which I think can support Canvas — oops, looks like it supports Moodle,  … or,  the Canvas course I already have a sandbox for (and which could be imported/exported to the proposed “test prep MOOC”), or my sandboxes in Cobra w/ the school, which could then be easily imported/exported to the actual math course?   Thinking the last one, as then it *could be used* int he fall and has the smaller learning curve since I’ve already done a few things with it.

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