Matches and lighters and blowtorches…

Posted on May 14, 2016


naw, fire burns, it doesn’t create.   On the other hand, it can create light so people can see things.

At any rate, next 3 weeks I’m hoping to have time for more than my half-hour dabblings so that I can put a course together.   Time to focus and gather the fuel and create something bigger and better organized.   has the page w/ resources for adult ed and LD for a course they’re doing now.   It’s got *lots* of specific teaching strategies for reading (tho’ stress on comprehension, not decoding, I’m sure) and content areas, but the 18 times “math” is mentioned, it’s in terms of defining a learning disability or general description of problems, not how to teach it.

Hmmm.   Of course, the association with “LD” and “trouble reading” is really strong, and there’s even the ‘classic’ concept of the brilliant-with-math-but-can’t-read dyslexic.

The other interesting angle is that an awful lot of people without formal labels have little hesitation about saying they “can’t do math” and even that they “have a disability” when it comes to math.

But it’s time to ride.   The wind is whistling and it’s 44 degrees, but it’s May!


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