Maybe winding down?

Posted on May 10, 2016


Yesterday was non-stop… second day of finals.   ‘Bout 50/50 between “okay, worked hard all semester… take my fit self and have a strong finish!”   and “Oh, will I make it??? I know I should have worked harder…”   and the “I **have** to pass!!!”   wherein I try to build a belief that’s it’s possible even though I honestly don’t know… I fervently wish/hope the second and third folks can tell from the first group that those folks are just as nervous, and it’s not easy for them either — but they put in the time and effort.

They’re off to the test, now… the one saying, “I don’t want to go!”   and the other saying “just do it.”   I am considering the affective effect of being hostile towards the content itself… thinking that the content is “easy, but too complicated!” and the general “I shouldn’t have to DO THIS!!!”   and just how much that stomps down the chances of success, having absolutely nothing to do with your ability to successfully complete a complex task that you didn’t feel that way about.

I’m also reading “UDL in the Cloud.”   It’s full of good ideas but sometimes i have to roll my eyes.  “You might have students do group projects.”   Okay, that’s nice — at *least* mention that those need lots of careful attention to be done right.   “You might want to carefully design a group project…”

Body a little out of kilter ’cause I rode the bus this a.m.  because Things Made Me Get A Ride last night (having to do with leaving the *&*(*& concert clothing at home… yes, the other second tenors were really glad I was there…)   but at least it was crappy weather this morning so it wasn’t *quite* as painful (and the bus isn’t as bad as … driving a car…)

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