Groping along

Posted on May 5, 2016


So I want to “branch” and make a special version of my app to share that will just have the wroking parts.   No, I don’t want to delete the in-process parts from what I’m doing.

It seems I can’t give it a name that tells me that’s what this version is.   THat sucks hind teat on a barren ‘possum, IMHO.   I guess I will put somewhere in the COMMENTS where it’s supposed to get committed to.

So, I guess I was wrong about “pull request” being equivalent to asking to download.   (No, the “tutorials” don’t tell a person what the words mean.  Yes, I know this is what it’s like for math students everywhere.)


Still, if I can get this… I will have something to share and I will be able to “branch” and not have seventy-seven different versions on ten flash drives…

But… not sure how likely that is.   No, “Pull” has nothing to do with pulling.   It is so I can compare two different things. WHatever.   I haven’t made it different yet.   I guess I have to make changes — and, again, have to remember that even though it’s the same exact name, which version it is.  Whatever.



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