Gratuitous MOOCS

Posted on May 5, 2016


The EdX MOOC from earlier was uploaded each Tuesday evening U.S. time.   Naw, you can’t get ahead; it’s atomatically programmed.  Last night somebody posted asking what had happened to week 1 (week 0 started last Tues)… and the nice TA said “refer to your syllabus, or Week 0.”  (As in, they didn’t know? )   Everything Follows Their Script.

Now, if anybody from the MOOC actually reads this, that in itself would prove me wrong, which would delight me.

The other MOOC on Canvas — the “Service” one — has more “Subject Matter Expert” volunteers and lots more interaction, though the platform really isn’t set up for effective communication or differentiation.   Hmmm. Maybe I can design better in that GDS course in the fall 🙂

The MIT EdX MOOC feels like being in a generic undergrad huge lecture hall.   Come, take your notes, do the assignments, and we’ll try to make groups w/ TAs.

The Canvas Service (“really, actually make something for somebody to use”) Course is like graduate level:   students are respected as contributors, not just receptors. (You know, like courses like the EdX MOOC *say* we should be doing as teachers.  Do as I say, not as I do…)    In the previous course about “open education” that was a part of the theory:   that Open Education was ‘way more than just “use free textbooks.”   It was about the learners having voice in their experience.

Wallet is still AWOL but happily, my initial peek-in-the-file-box for the birth certificate yielded the music that’s been missing since December — and the concert isn’t ’til Saturday 🙂


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