Little more planning

Posted on May 4, 2016


So  a new course, “GDS 271” (Graphic Design), “Interactive Design” is being offered by Parkland Graphic Design  and I almost have all the pre-reqs for it and know full well the instructor wouldn’t care, b/c I took his basic Web Design in 2001 with “Could I take this?  I have none of the art pre-requisites, and no skills in art, but would like to learn what I can (and grades don’t matter).”   As a special ed teacher, I creatively adapted assignments so I could communicate visually with the resources & skills I had… (and was a decidedly “hard working average student” except for that one day when we had to write something ;))   (He is the guy who says:   “Talent, work ethic, general intelligence:   2 of those 3 can make up for any deficit in the third.”   Works for me….)

It is in the middle of the day … a conflict… but I can’t decide ’til end of registration (staff can’t take places from ‘real’ registrants) anyway so… that gives me time to plan and … brainstorm about creative approaches to this.    I, unfortunately, have failed abominably at any attempt to try to coordinate anything with any kind of administration… I think there’s some kind of organ rejection thing that happens.  I activate antibodies in administrators by my very nature …


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