Dropping the F-droid bomb…

Posted on May 4, 2016


Welp, while I have successfully learned what forking is (taking something “open source” and branching out to make your own version and take it in a different direction, so copying and messing with it)… I’m still not clue-ful enough to make any sense of F-Droid. The lynda.com tutorial about “distributing your android app”  talked about it as an open source option.

It’s supposed to be a place like the Amazon App store where I could go to get open source apps and download them.   I get that part… but I was hoping to put *my* app out there so that they’d be easier to find by regular teacher types.   Welp, I’m told I can submit an app but that it “takes some time” (whatever that means!), and I should really do things through GitLab, see “contribute” above… and gosh, Contribute says “go to the submit an app” page, and I’m back where I started.

So… it’s looking like no, there isn’t an amazing cool place for people to share their OER technology with people who aren’t full-time tech experts.

It should be easy enough to stick it into the Big Fat Mainstream, but I keep hoping that the OER people will actually work on making things accessible for the mainstream.   Some day…

StackOverflow didn’t go there, either.   I’m figuring that even tho’ it’s made it to mention on lynda.com, where I here that *everything I need* is right there on the F-droid site!!, that … it’s not there yet.

TIme to go out in the wind and ride around a bit… but it really looks like Google’s curated education stuff is the only actual way to make this work.  I really don’t have time for another 25 hours to figure out F-Droid.

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