Puttin’ on the wetsuit again…

Posted on May 3, 2016


Semester is winding down.   Yes, I want to do another 10 hours or so on the OER lesson — and to keep building that.   However, it’s time to get the brain back to Applandia (ooh, there’s a marketable pseudoword!)

So.   IT will be crunchy.   This isn’t like spelling where once I’ve got it, it sticks.   It’s like driving — I have to renew my relationship with those silly controls and hope the old memories come back. (Remember, I don’t own a car, but rent a few times a year.)

I’ve also signed up for the MIT game design edx course … again, on my terms. The folks in it are less in the teaching realm and more into “I like games a lot!” realm, so we have less in common, and I suspect it’s less likely to have a question like “how to make drill and practice more pleasant” that will suck me in, and yes, I know that actually none of that goes anywhere useful at all, but it was good to organize those thoughts and they’re online, not just in their repositories.

Hopefully by Monday I’ll …. oh, maybe I’ll have found my AWOL wallet???? (Three junk drawers — cleared!!!)   … have ridden 150 miles… and … will have a sharable very-beta app.   Bonus points if I can get a couple three minute videos to go with the Transitions lessons… so I can have a “poster session” at the Faculty Summer Institute May 24 that is mostly bar codes to be read to take you to cool stuff.


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