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Rabbit holes

May 30, 2016


An entirely too-long blurb yesterday morning on Weekend Edition was about a “rabbit hole” — the thing that happens when you get online and click from one thing to the next.      I’ve had some awesome opportunities come up from going down rabbit holes… but they’ve reached a critical mass where I need to […]

a mystery solved – no, 2 of ’em!

May 29, 2016


So, I remembered from my brother’s grade school report on Pythagoras that root two being irrational might not have been  derived from  “can’t make ratio” (irr – not… rational — ratio), but that the little society fervently believed the deities made a beautiful universe that could always be reduced to integer ratios, and so since that […]

More doing, less talking

May 27, 2016


That is on a post-it note in the new office, so it wasn’t *just* my excuse for my sloppy poster. I’m halfway through polishing up the Cheezits lesson I put onto said poster to fill out the gaps so that, hopefully, an adult ed instructor who wasn’t a seasoned math teacher could plan and execute […]

Back at pictures

May 25, 2016


I intended to have a pure ‘symbol imagery’ video for memorizing the quadratic formula, using the “snatch a piece of it away so you only have to learn one piece at a time” strategy (tonight’s ride — think of a cute name for that). I failed at doing it for the vertex — I just […]


May 24, 2016


It’s not as bad as the other services being slashed into nonexistence, but cutting FSI2016 to 6 hours is not a good thing. Opening “session” was a little talk over lunch from Jose Gonzalez, who teaches econ at the U and… has done *exactly* what I want to do with math, to econ.   He […]

Cheezits Lesson

May 23, 2016


Cheez-It Math Full lesson as word document:   Cheezit Math Area and Perimeter Objectives: Students will understand the meaning of area and perimeter and have experience using manipulatives to visualize the concepts. Students will explore relationships between area and perimeter and recognize that shapes with the same area can have different perimeters, and vice versa. Students […]

app of doom and all that

May 21, 2016


I was thinking (with evidence)  that people would be reticent to download my app from its “unknown source.”  I know I would be… So I went to the tutorial for having at the Google store.   Oh, I need to give Google 25 bucks to be “a developer.” That’s before I even read the terms […]

Musing On

May 19, 2016


So I cranked out 3 minutes on how to memorize the vertex formula.     (let’s see if not sending it outside embeds it, eh?) Now to look at my archives for other stuff…  

amusing muse thing?

May 17, 2016


I was moderately discombobulated today.   Poster session is NEXT TUESDAY & w/ only 4 poster presenters (one other from here), I figure it’ll actually get seen (tho’ who knows who will be at the truncated 1/2 day version of normally 3-day conference, thanks incompetent government that won’t pay its bills). Oh, and students were […]


May 16, 2016


Quiet day — saw three or four students… oh, and talked to “the press” for an hour or so.   Dangnab it, they’re going to do the photoshoot of my commute Wednesday — when I shall also be riding the Bronze Trek.   I’d hoped to get that Xtra in on a picture or two. […]