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NY Times on movies and teaching

April 11, 2016


This describes the painfully consistent patterns in portraying teachers in TV & movie dramas.   If you’re in a rich school, the teachers are “lazy fools, petty tyrants or, at best, genial sidekicks;”  in the poor school, you DEFY the ESTABLISHMENT with your heroic high expectations and willingness to give everything you’ve got. (Remember “The […]

Cause/Effect and Correlation

April 8, 2016


So I know computers do what you tell them to do… but I couldn’t figure out just *what* actually made mine “wake up” in the morning.    It seemed sometimes it was clicking the mouse, sometimes hitting a key… Well, turns out it simply takes about 3 minutes of utter silence after an initial 1.5-second […]

Well, it wasn’t scripted, but…

April 7, 2016


… I think they missed the part about where I’m a designer and tutor… as in… I don’t spend money.   Well, that and I’m in the state of ILlinois where higher education isn’t deemed worthy of getting funded (at all) — we don’t have budgets here.   Only those with the right lawyers or friends in […]

New Fleet Member

April 4, 2016


So… I’ve picked up the new bicycle.   I already know I want to undo the spring thing that keeps the front wheel pointing forward, or at least try to wear it out a bit so it’s looser… I like to steer… and the quick release seat?   Oy.   I want you to at […]

about those obnoxious grammar-correctors

April 3, 2016


Update:  Then this morning I get an email saying it’s “square root day” — it’s 4/4/16.  That is, I am told, because the day and the month are the “square of the year.”   Yea, I’m going to buy/recommend/even deign to check out  your books when you can’t even tell the difference between square and square […]

That Khan Academy THing

April 2, 2016


Well, some of the practice activities are well done so I thought I’d check ’em out for my OER lesson for Adult Ed. Negative integers — the intro movie is  not bad… but … you get the first exercise right and … you’re done.  you get the points.   And, by the way?   The […]


April 1, 2016


Always a relief to me when a first-timer who needs honestly, really, some 1:1 time comes … on Thursday!   When it’s quiet!!   (I suspect it’s a Tu-Thur night course — most Math courses are MTWF so Thursdays are quieter).   Happily, this was not a “I’ve been avoiding math all semester and I’m […]