Penultimate Monday

Posted on April 25, 2016


Next Monday is the last MOnday of classes; exam week starts that Friday.   Yup, it’s busy in the tutoring lab!

I did get in the 15-20 minutes to finish up editing the Key to Chapter One, though I will need to go back through it and find what I missed since it was very interrupted.  Alas, since it was done in Word with painstaking tabs and lines and dashes to make those number lines, those completely fall apart when moved to epub.   However, I changed many of them to graphics because some of them fell apart when moved to Google Docs.   I’ll see if I can figure out a way to make them actually work on epub.   I remember how utterly useless the book I ordered from Diana Hanbury King was (and I never did get that resolved), and it was clearly a “well, we just exported it as epub — what’s wrong with that?” situation.

I’ve successfully bludgeoned through some probability and “odds against” questions, too… grateful to  for its elegant explanations with examples.   Explaining why the “how many possible combinations of four democrats and 5 republicans could you pick from a group with 55 republicans, 44 democrats and 1 independent”   included dividing by four and five factorial was tough, but showed the 6 possibilities for arranging 123 … and then that since the order didn’t matter, there really was only one choice that mattered, so you had to divide that out.

Had one “I have to do it here?” question about the “homework coupons.”   THe deal for this is that if you want to get a 100% on a homework, you can come down and talk to me and we’ll Do Something and I’ll give you one.   The Something will involve going over the math you missed… tho’ if there’s something else you *know* you need work on, we’ll do that… and then doing some extra practice.   Here.   No, it’s not a “free pass — hey, homework’s not that important” coupon.   The homework is hand-crafted, not generic worksheets.

I had two “I need six of these!” (the maximum) but perfectly willing to … do them, and even get out and do the practice exam in here and ask for help.   The practice exam isn’t collected at all — it’s yours to do or ignore.

Yup, it’s a pretty good “enforce homework but start turning the process over” combination.


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