10 months late and 3.5million dollars short…

Posted on April 24, 2016


… and the Governor hasn’t actually signed it yet, but it seems we will get a little bit of funding.   30% of what was budgeted last year.   Nothing has been budgeted at all this year.     Oh, and this was just figuring out a way to find money that was already there  — no new revenue, and bills are still not being paid so interest is being charged.   No reason to believe a budget will happen except that well, they did talk to each other and make something happen.

Two more weeks of classes and then finals.   Last week I *did* get a solid 4-5 hours in on the editing of the math booklet … realizing that I needed to add a fair amount to make it work for anybody but its author.   In its raw form it is like handouts at a conference that you fill in; without the speaker it is missing vital parts.

This week I must must must get the app sharable, even if it’s just adding and just the stuff I have.   So I guess I must get away from blogging and that sort of thing 🙂

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