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Posted on April 15, 2016


Well, let’s make it a blog post.  To wit:

This blog brings up the idea that really, the spirit of “open” isn’t about discussing the benefits of allowing people to modify & adapt materials;  it’s about facilitating that and making it happen. To quote:

Reuse is not something that can only happen “in the wild” once the adequate conditions are created. In fact, such organic reuse is quite rare. Although we lack empirical data, I would assume that less than 5% of users is willing to modify content, remix it, create own versions and mash-ups.

If we agree that empowerment and engagement of educators and learners is an important goal, we need to implement active policies that build on and support the potential ensured by passive ones. These could include incentives for teachers to create, reuse and share OER, investing in repositories and other types of infrastructure for discovery and analytics of content, or paying attention to digital literacy of teachers and formulation of new pedagogies. Developing, testing and implementing such active policies in educational systems around the world has to compliment efforts to open resources.”

Our little MOOC  is exactly this infrastructure.   — it’s all about looking through OER and applying design principles to using them to design a lesson that will work for our specific students (GED prep).

Now, time to get back to it…

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