Posted on April 12, 2016


… hey, that rounds to 19.10, right?

This is where you ask whether 19.10 is bigger or smaller than 19.999 and what “rounding up” means — as in you’re going to a bigger number. it makes sense to round up and get

Wishing there were a good poster for that “two dots” for teaching less than & greater than symbols (yes, this is a concept where I am on the “Nix the trix” wagon)twoDotsGreaterThan, while I glance to my left and see it exactly portrayed as the silly “share” icon (which I’d also like to see used for an exponential growth lesson).

I’ll try to make one *after* I wrap up the draft of my OER integers LEsson Design Plan.   I’m already finding that what Kathy does doesn’t seem to  fit the lesson framework of

Warmup       Introduction     Presentation/modeling/demonstration

Guided Practice    Evaluation      Application.

… but … it might just be because there’s so much more interaction in those early stages.  Let’s go find out…. except first I have the privilege of “helping” a student in Stats, which amounts to helping her scan her notes for the example that matches the assigned problem so she can plug in the right formula.

… and then stay so backed up that I can’t even it publish 😉

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