NY Times on movies and teaching

Posted on April 11, 2016


This describes the painfully consistent patterns in portraying teachers in TV & movie dramas.   If you’re in a rich school, the teachers are “lazy fools, petty tyrants or, at best, genial sidekicks;”  in the poor school, you DEFY the ESTABLISHMENT with your heroic high expectations and willingness to give everything you’ve got. (Remember “The Blackboard Jungle” and “Up the Down Staircase”?)

So, it makes me wonder:   why not model a high school show making it just like a cop show (since lots and lots of the issues are the same)?   Cop shows are about blue-collar types, sometimes even with ethics and values… dudes, we should make one.   Or, it could be like M*A*S*H* …

Oops, I’m already writing it if I’d get back to it, with my “word problems as graphic novel” MOOC.   Later!   (But *first* on the agenda is the stuff for the adult ed MOOC.)


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