Well, it wasn’t scripted, but…

Posted on April 7, 2016


… I think they missed the part about where I’m a designer and tutor… as in… I don’t spend money.   Well, that and I’m in the state of ILlinois where higher education isn’t deemed worthy of getting funded (at all) — we don’t have budgets here.   Only those with the right lawyers or friends in business (or, say, who work for the governor’s wife) get money.

All that aside, Daphne Williams wants to schedule  to preview the software and textbook with me in May so I can see that they’ve evolved and are all about shifting to developing conceptual understanding; they’ve  refined the software  and

“how we present worked examples and error analysis in our textbooks and the development of problems for Mathia X. Certainly, the software is only one component of instructional change and requires teachers to analyze the data to assist in differentiation. A balanced approach consisting of our textbook resource (Middle School and High School – Integrated and Traditional), software, and professional development provides the most impact in promoting conceptual learning.”

Okay!   She didn’t say “is impactful” which even WordPress says isn’t a word… (sigh, yet ).  And… seems teachers do get to do some guidance?

Alas, in my experience, a “balanced approach ”   usually means there hasn’t been any kind of actual shift in thinking, but a few elements of That Other Way are stuck in and lip service given.   We’ll see!

Now to the app — quiet in here since a little fire-alarm evacuation at 1:50.   Student from middle east gathered his stuff to go (his tutoring shift ended 2:00) when we were back in, and said, “glad to be safe.”   Yes.


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