New Fleet Member

Posted on April 4, 2016


So… I’ve picked up the new bicycle.   I already know I want to undo the spring thing that keeps the front wheel pointing forward, or at least try to wear it out a bit so it’s looser… I like to steer… and the quick release seat?   Oy.   I want you to at least have to have an adjustable wrench to swipe it.

Oh, Math?   I clicked on the “yes, I want to know more” about “Mathia X”  which is Carnegie Learning’s new and amazing not Java Based Thing.   Why?   Because unlike, say, Dreambox, there was absolutely no clue I could find about … the actual “instruction.”  They rave about the data and the personalization,  … and they refer to that “step by step” breakdown of problems… but I don’t want to *assume* it’s “Procedure as usual” because hey, it’s Carnegie that’s got all kinds of articles about how important concepts are, and specifically that students using Cognitive Tutor w/0 the conceptual foundations did *not* glean them from the program.



I know, I know.   I’ll get a scripted answer about how adaptive software supports personalized learning hooray!!!!  And of course the learn the concepts — they got more questions right, didn’t they?  We know they didn’t just memorize because… oh, wait, that’s not on the script.  Who cares?

Guess I better get back to putting up (and for the time being shutting up…)


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