about those obnoxious grammar-correctors

Posted on April 3, 2016


Update:  Then this morning I get an email saying it’s “square root day” — it’s 4/4/16.  That is, I am told, because the day and the month are the “square of the year.”   Yea, I’m going to buy/recommend/even deign to check out  your books when you can’t even tell the difference between square and square root.

Orig. post ((4/3/16):

Gee, the fun on “Wait! Wait! Don’t Tell Me!” on NPR was about That Study that says if you correct grammar or spelling, you’re more likely to be the folks they had determined in other parts of their study to be, well, anti-social jerks.

Then, they got to the context.   Oh, people were told to read an essay and comment on it.

Well, I’m glad to say that if I read an essay and am asked to comment on it, then, my main attention will be on the message.   Now, if it’s unclear (for whatever reason), I’ll say so, and I’ve read lots of unclear essays.

If you’re putting something out there for the public to read, though, in a semi- to professional form (so no, your personal blog doesn’t count), then … funny me, you should try to make sense.  I’m heading down to the grocery store and YES, it annoys me that the bagels and rolls have been re-priced.   Month ago the rolls were 3/dollar and the bagels something like 69 cents.   Now, they all have ‘2/1.00  each” signs.

I really, really want to go up and pay two cents apiece, thank you.   That’s what it says… or maybe 1/50 of a cent apiece.

It’s a math thing, too, of course…

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