That Khan Academy THing

Posted on April 2, 2016


Well, some of the practice activities are well done so I thought I’d check ’em out for my OER lesson for Adult Ed.

Negative integers — the intro movie is  not bad… but … you get the first exercise right and … you’re done.  you get the points.   And, by the way?   The first exercise in “putting negative numbers on the number line” has you put … a positive number on the number line.

But you are ready to move on to the next thing, really!

So I get the next one (also positive) wrong.   I get my chance now to get five in a row practicing — the first four of which are .. positive.   Get that fifth and “points time!”   and I’m done.   So I’ve successfully answered, again, a single practice problem putting numbers on the number line and … time to move on!

I will include it in my resources but yea, it’s not the stuff of actually learning unless you “get it” with one practice.

I liked the next stage: students plot missing numbers on the number line, adn we’ve got a 10 and a mark and a 16, so they’ve got to figure out the spacing, etc.   I like it for the conceptual aspect, tho’ w/ my target audience we’d start that stuff with the more familiar positives.


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