Posted on April 1, 2016


Always a relief to me when a first-timer who needs honestly, really, some 1:1 time comes … on Thursday!   When it’s quiet!!   (I suspect it’s a Tu-Thur night course — most Math courses are MTWF so Thursdays are quieter).   Happily, this was not a “I’ve been avoiding math all semester and I’m not passing! I’m just not good at math!  Can you show me the answers?”   It’s logical, in its way… there’s a lot less pain if you don’t struggle with it… and …sometimes you do just get bailed out.   HOwever, it means that you still approach “getting help” with “getting this assignment done” and assuming you can’t pass the tests, so why should you engage your brain in learning to do this stuff on your own?

…  on the other hand, today’s was a kiddo so good at mental math and estimating that … he’d completely skipped that thing called algebra (and hadn’t had it in high school; he’d passed the GED with that brute force common sense thinking).  It was kinda fun to figure out how to convey slope w/o a formula, since subtracting a negative was confounding.  HOwever, writing one point (x1, y1) below the other (x2 y2) and visualizing the distance between them made sense, and remembering the y change “goes on top” is what I hope will get him the boosted grade on tonight’s quiz.

Then tomorrow we’ll figure out algebra 🙂  But no, seriously, he had this extra credit assignment that was solving systems of equations rife with fractions, by graphing them.  I have ideas 🙂

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