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GED webinar

April 28, 2016


  First, the usual description of “traditional unproductive.”   Why, why is the “traditional” way of doing things always deemed “unproductive”?   It’s incredibly unscientific to start that way.   Can we not learn from the Evil Traditional Way? The slide itself just called ’em unproductive vs. productive…  first unproductive one being “Students can learn […]

Penultimate Monday

April 25, 2016


Next Monday is the last MOnday of classes; exam week starts that Friday.   Yup, it’s busy in the tutoring lab! I did get in the 15-20 minutes to finish up editing the Key to Chapter One, though I will need to go back through it and find what I missed since it was very […]

10 months late and 3.5million dollars short…

April 24, 2016


… and the Governor hasn’t actually signed it yet, but it seems we will get a little bit of funding.   30% of what was budgeted last year.   Nothing has been budgeted at all this year.     Oh, and this was just figuring out a way to find money that was already there […]


April 19, 2016


Don’t know if this one will stand the test of anything, but I suggested that a 3 x 3-term polynomial addition and subtraction problem w/ parentheses around the 3-term polynomials was like a jigsaw puzzle — looks impossible but you start with a corner and only look for the pieces that have to do with that…

“you learn better, handwriting”

April 17, 2016

0 Or, “Put your laptops away!” Well, it turns out that the “magic” difference is that you can’t keep up with the lecture by handwriting, so you’re more likely to conceptualize and work with the content; with laptops, people type madly to get verbatim. My immediate thought was that *I* would not  be typing verbatim. […]

If *we* got the blizzard

April 16, 2016


… I’d be all over this thing:   which purports to show dependencies… so an arrow between two things means “if you didn’t get this, you’re not likely to be able to get this next thing.” In our OER lessons we’re supposed to design them to “College and Career REady” standards (per the GED), except […]

This week’s article

April 15, 2016


Well, let’s make it a blog post.  To wit: This blog brings up the idea that really, the spirit of “open” isn’t about discussing the benefits of allowing people to modify & adapt materials;  it’s about facilitating that and making it happen. To quote: ” Reuse is not something that can only happen “in […]

“real life application” abuse

April 13, 2016


So the students are supposed to apply this algebra stuff to real life. THey timed water dripping out of a bottle.  At X seconds, what’s the height of the water in the bottle? Data was gathered. It was entered into the calculator. THey were asked “Do you think it’s linear or quadratic”  and then, “what’s […]

Eww. Spam used as a verb.

April 13, 2016

7   deems students plowing through a lesson “just to get to the next thing” as… “spamming.” Why not call it “cruising” or “plowing” or “speeding” or even “trolling”?   or “robo-clicking?”  Honestly, the action doesn’t resemble sending mass emails at all. That said, it’s interesting that (of course, with *their* lessons) students will just […]


April 12, 2016


… hey, that rounds to 19.10, right? This is where you ask whether 19.10 is bigger or smaller than 19.999 and what “rounding up” means — as in you’re going to a bigger number. it makes sense to round up and get Wishing there were a good poster for that “two dots” for teaching less […]