While I’m Moocking about it…

Posted on March 28, 2016


The MIT MOOC was fun… definitely felt like it was their baby and we were just pieces of data (which I’ve felt like in face to face classes, *often*).   They put on a show and we were the audience… with Stuff To Do…

Now, the Service MOOC is another story — definitely real personal interactions there.

And today was one of those “oh, procrastinating is **good**!!   I would hate to have found this after …”  which I need to dismiss because there will always be new discoveries; that’s what the second edition is for. Still, today’s was this about “instructional routines” and I realize that while my stuff has them in there, they’d be stronger if they were better defined. http://davidwees.com/content/why-instructional-routines/

but today has flown by and now it’s time to fly!!!

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