WordPress works again!

Posted on March 27, 2016


So yesterday I could get to my blog on some computers, not others… which I thought might be a function of the aging computer in question — the error was that a firewall was blocking things but if there’s one thing a person knows, it’s that the Microsoft “error” messages are usually *not* related to the actual problem.   They’re there so that you can pay somebody who knows waht they really mean to fix things for you, and make you feel like a person who doesn’t know anything in the process.   (No, I’ve never paid anybody to fix such things, but…)

I also didn’t get any hits so something tells me it wasn’t a firewall issue.

The MOOC is wrapping up — oh, a “live event” tomorrow at some weird time that I am afraid I will forget all about.   And I found “messages” and I’ve gotten a thank you from a fellow course taker who has done the “game design” course and says that the game engine was glitchy but he learned a lot… and he seems to be in a similar kind of space as I am — lots of expertise here and there, but … gaps.

Also a message from the most posty TA saying that my pitch resonated with him ’cause he’d always been hurried through math before he could get the concepts and most people were happy memorizing things… not ’til applied physics did he finally get to really *do* math.   No, he’s not the first (or second) person with a STEM career to say something like this.

This supports my hypothesis that yea, you have to grow up in a family of pretty specific privilege so that math instruction doesn’t destroy any chance you *ever* have of understanding it or thinking it’s something to be understood.   I *hope* the likes of Jo Boaler are shifting this, though I think she grossly underestimates the value of automaticity.

And I’m a pumpkin already… the High Holy Days do that 😉   We can say the A word now… ALLELUIA 🙂



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