Posted on March 26, 2016


(Must go out and ride and contemplate the term for the “distraction” that makes things run more quickly.)

I went to lynda.com to see what I could see. Yes, they have a devoted course less than 90 minutes long (and comprehensible at 1.5 so quicker) and SWEET! it’s based on Android Studio, which is what I’m using and even sweeter, I HOPE… is the link to F-Droid, which is an “app store” expressly for open source apps, so that you go there to get the app and that’s where you can get the code for it, too.

I’d thought I’d have to do the usual Major Bunbite Because I Am Not An Expert thing of having to adapt and modify because no, I’m not the Typical Developer. I don’t want to minify and hide my code.   I want it to be *easy* to get to.

Of course, I haven’t *done* it yet.   THis could be yet another “this is easy!”  deal where everybody it’s easy for is an expert. Well, I do know what forking is, now (pulling in software and going your own direction with it… I think a “save as” concept…)

but time for a ride!

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