Posted on March 26, 2016


Watching a webinar from http://www.compassionatelibrarian.net  to people in Library Science.  It’s out of Boston; people w/ disabilities talking about libraries and employment and life.  The lady there w/ LD gave some time to the idea of lectures being of limited value to some kinds of learners…  lots of just chatter about getting along in the world with a wheelchair. It’s kinda cool to hear what’s happening in other places.   THey talked about disability being the “forgotten diversity”…( which made me notice that they are all white women).

LOL  … feedback forms and lunch announcements.   Some things are common to all conferences.   DERAIL is the acronym — Diversity, Equity, Race, Accessibility and Identity in LIS … yea, nested acronyms even!  Librarian, INformation something 🙂   All the good millennial words!

Now, back to your regularly unscheduled distractions.  Back to the app!


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