Math talks…

Posted on March 23, 2016


So I’m trying to focus on getting the Transitions Math text sharable.   I’m making little 2-3 minute videos to go with the text, which is mostly student activities.   It’s meant to be done w/ guidance.

When I’m doing the guiding in the tutoring lab, I get to fill in all kinds of gaps.   It makes me slightly crazy to try to make a  quick video that can’t see the question mark on your face… we’re finding negative numbers on a thermometer — and since it’s a real thermometer, no, not all the numbers are marked.  For Fahrenheit only multiples of 20 show.

How confident are you at figuring out how to navigate that?

When I mention that 0 is the freezing point where it’s cold enough to snow in Centigrade… do you want to spend some eyeball time seeing where that is in Fahrenheit?  Maybe looking at other familiar temperatures?

Well, and while I’m asking… am I utterly silly to have my text plopped onto each slide, on the grounds that you might be like me and watching it in a room full of people, so you don’t *want* to hear my dulcet tones?   There’s “research” out about this indicating that people attend more if it’s only one delivery — but always, always qualified with “boundary conditions” that mean “except that might not be true with any given special sector of the population,” but no, they can’t tell you how to figure out if your sector is one of the special ones… and I know my student with the cochlear implant rather appreciated the “text is right there.”   I don’t know whether I want to stick it down so it looks like captioning or not, either…

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