assessment sorta done

Posted on March 20, 2016


Okay, on the grounds that … I can’t spend too much time on it anyway… I put a Thing together and submitted my “assessment” for the EdX MOOC  with the usual Ton Of Words.

THere are a couple of really awesome apps up there from other people — don’t know if they’re like me and were already working on ’em or … if they’re just better at making graphics 😉

Still, I am pleased that now I’ve got an outline of where to go with adding the parts about having to answer “how are you going to do this?”  and the Misconception Monitor… and also some ideas for the ‘ongoing’ scores and extra badges, etc.  No, I didn’t polish the writing … that’s an on/off switch I can’t afford to turn on.

I did get in a good 20-miler in the breezy 40’s 🙂

… but now it’s back to the plain ol’ text version…


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